The JRSP has supported the study of art since 2008, with major donations to the University of Cambridge and the University of Victoria, as well as through its ongoing Company of Ideas Forums that take place every year on Hornby Island. In early 2017 it endowed an Educational Programme to ‘advance the understanding and appreciation of art as a source of knowledge, and to raise awareness of the art of Jeffrey Rubinoff’. This programme includes the Company of Ideas Forus, as well as an annual student awards programme for a Postdoctoral Award, a Graduate Essay Award, and a Guest Curatorship. In addition, the Educational Programme supports the research and writing costs of an ongoing publication series on art and knowledge. In the future, a biennial lecture series and international academic conference on this topic have are also under consideration.

The Educational Programme is directed by Cambridge art historian Dr James Fox.

The Company of Ideas Forum

Held annually at the sculpture park

The Company of Ideas was established by Jeffrey Rubinoff in 2008 to discuss major issues relating to art and society. Of Rubinoff’s many concerns, the most fundamental related to morality and conscience. Rubinoff believed that a ‘mature individual conscience’ was not only the basis for original art but also for sustained social engagement. He was convinced that serious artists were obliged to address the biggest issues of their time, which in his view were the ‘existential threats’ of nuclear weapons and human genetic engineering. In doing so, they could influence their audience’s thinking and contribute to historical change.

Publication Series on Art as a Source of Knowledge

Publications completed on a four year cycle

Every approximately four years, the JRSP aims to complete major book manuscripts on the subject of art as a source of knowledge. These will be edited by our Educational Programme Director Dr James Fox, and will be independently researched by established scholars. Art & Knowledge will be the first in this series of major academic books. The subsequent titles and formats are still to be determined, but all will likely address the three core values or concepts that Rubinoff considers so central to art: conscience; the sacred; and awe. The publications series starting with Art & Knowledge, will likely continue with Art & Conscience, Art & the Sacred, and Art & Awe.

Rubinoff Student Awards

Awarded Annually and Biennially

Each year the Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park will choose a Rubinoff Postdoctoral Awardee for their outstanding research in the field of Art as a Source of Knowledge. Every second year an the Graduate Essay Awardee will be chosen for a two-year term to research and present a paper on Jeffrey Rubinoff. Alternating with the Essay Award, a Guest Curator will be chosen to work on a specific project related to the display and interpretation of the Rubinoff sculpture collection.

International Conference

To conincide with major book publications

International conferences are currently under consideration to mark the publication of each of the major books. The conference would feature papers by most of the contributors to the book, but would also be open to delegates from around the world. The purpose of the event would be to ensure that the books have field-defining impact.

Rubinoff Lecture Series

Bienially or other schedule suitable to host institution

Considered in our future plans is a Rubinoff lecture series in partnership with a major art institution that sets the activities of the JRSP in the broader context of art history. The Rubinoff Lecture will be delivered by a distinguished international name who will be chosen in consultation with the host institution. The lecture would be advertised widely and would be open to the public.

Components of the Educational Programme

The Company of Ideas Forum

Publication series on Art as a Source of Knowledge

Rubinoff Student Awards

International Conference

Lecture Series