The JRSP has supported an ongoing publication series on art and knowledge, and in addition supports researchers working on topics related to art and knowledge more broadly. This support is given through direct awards to scholars, as well as fellowships and scholarships to major Universities. For over ten years, the sculpture park also has commissioned lectures and presentations for our annual Company of Ideas forums.

JRSP Supported publications

Rubinoff PostDoctoral Award Winner Dr. Lieke Wijnia  Beyond the Return of Religion: Art and the Postsecular

Beyond the Return of Religion: Art and the Postsecular explores the conceptual potential of the postsecular for investigations of (late) modern art and religion. Indicating a public co-existence and merging of religion and the secular, the postsecular is approached as an alternative to the return of religion narrative. Rather than framing artistic concerns with religion as a recurrence after temporary absence, Lieke Wijnia shows how the postsecular allows for seeing the interaction between art and religion as an enduring, albeit transforming relationship of mutual nature. Whereas secularization theories are intrinsically connected to modernity, the postsecular requires a pluralized perspective, covering the processes of secularization, diversification, and spiritualization. The postsecular reinforces the interconnectedness of these processes, which are, in turn, embodied in the concept’s interdisciplinary nature. While this book predominantly focuses on visual art and its institutional context of the museum, the postsecular has interdisciplinary relevance for broader artistic and academic disciplines. Click here for an excerpt of the article


Related publications

Art Historian Dr. James Fox publishes The Art of Jeffrey Rubinoff

Jeffrey Rubinoff is one of the great sculptors in steel of the second half of the twentieth century. In the 1970s and ‘80s he exhibited widely in the United States and Canada alongside Anthony Caro, Mark di Suvero and George Rickey, among others. However, in the early 2000s Rubinoff withdrew from the art world altogether and concentrated on creating an extraordinary sculpture park on Hornby Island.


Dr. Maria Tippett publishes Sculpture in Canada: A History

Tippet provides an enlightening survey of sculpture in Canada, from prehistoric times to the present, including sculptor Jeffrey Rubinoff. Tippett considers the influence of the church, governments, and special interest groups on the work of sculptors, noting that the size and expense of large sculptures means that they may be more affected by cultural, economic, and political forces