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Art and Music 

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Art and Crisis In the Shadow of the Endgame 

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Art and Moral Conscience

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Art and Knowledge 1900-1950: Modernism, Spirituality, Philosophy

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Art and Knowledge in the 20th Century

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Celebrating The Art of Jeffrey Rubinoff

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Paths to Understanding the Sculpture of Jeffrey Rubinoff

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Context and meaning in the work of Jeffrey Rubinoff

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Art as a Source of Knowledge: Beyond Rationalization

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Perspectives on art as a source of knowledge

2011 Yale University Forum

Art, War and Science in the 20th Century

2010 Forum

The history of the End of the Age of Agriculture

2009 Forum

Explicating the context of the work of Jeffrey Rubinoff

2008 Inaugural Forum

Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park working group


Dr. Lawrence Badash
Nuclear Winter and the End of the Age of Agriculture (2010)

Dr. Annette Becker
‘A language for humanity?’ The Blaue Reiter, and the failed search for universality (2011)

Dr. Arther Ferrill
Military Rank and the Origins of Agriculture (2013)

Dr. Jeffrey Foss
From the Garden of Eden to Terra’s Brain: A New Humanism (2009)

A New Global Humanism Beyond the Age of Agriculture: Pan-Humanism (2010)

Dr. James Fox
Introduction to the 2012 Company of Ideas Forum

Dr. Martin Jay
Chromophilia: Der Blaue Reiter, Walter Benjamin and the Emancipation of Color (2011)

Dr. Jeremy Kessler
The Search for a Nuclear Conscience (2012)

Karun Koernig
The Inherent Value of Art at the End of the Age of Agriculture (2009)

Cultivating cognizance at the End of the Age of Agriculture (2010)

David Lawless
The Evolution of Moral Sense and the Art of Mature Conscience (2013)

Brian Mix
Living Sculpture: Multiple Dimensions in the Six Suites for Solo Cello by J.S. Bach (2009)

Sergei Petrov
Rubinoff and the Cold War (2015)

Jenni Pace Presnell
In Advance of Resignation Stated as Defiance (2012)

The Artist and the New Humanism: an Evolutionary Model for Art History (2010)

The Threat of Nuclear Winter: The Art Historical Perspective (2009)

Jeffrey Rubinoff
Introduction to the 2013 Company of Ideas Forum (2013)

Existential Realities of Post Agriculture (2012)

Through the Lens of the Endgame (2011)

Insights evolved with and from Rubinoff’s work: 2011 edition

Introduction to the 2010 Forum (2010)

Art Beyond War: A Discussion About Prehistoric War and the History of Art by Artists (2010)

Shahana Rajani
The Significance of the Relationship of Jeffrey Rubinoff’s Sculpture to its Environment (2012)

Prof. Gerald Swatez
Interrogating The Peninsular Individual: The Dialectical Relationship Constituting Individual Minds and Group Mind (2009)

Dr. Jay Winter
Reconfiguring the sacred: Artists, scientists and spiritualism before 1914 (2011)

Scientists and artists between war and peace: the Blaue Reiter moment (2011)

The Lost Generation of the First World War: The Suicide of the Military Caste (2010)

Dr. Sam Yeaman
Cultural Transmission, Network Architecture, and the Evolution of Human Self-awareness (2009)