Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the park open today or tomorrow?
A:  Our opening times to the general public vary each year in July and August. The current schedule for self-guided viewing or curator-led tours can be found at Visit

Q: Are dogs permitted?
A: Yes, but we ask that they be leashed for the safety and comfort of other guests.

Q: Is there an admittance charge or charge for concerts?
A: There are no charges to view the sculpture, and no sculpture is for sale. Books are available for sale at the interpretive centre.

Q: Is there a concert coming up?
A: We only have concerts twice a year. Specific times are set each winter, and can be found under Visit

Q: Is photography permitted?
A: Yes, but only for personal purposes. Sharing online or social media for personal purposes is permitted. Please note that the copyright to the reproductions of a photo of a sculpture remains with the estate of Jeffrey Rubinoff. Commercial or public presentation licenses are available.

Q: Are curator-led tours a required part of a visit?
A: No. They are optional. You can stroll through the park during our public openings.

Q: Is the park suitable for children?
A: We ask that all children be supervised by an adult for their own safety. The sculptures must not be climbed on, nor must any growth be removed from them. Ponds and ditches must not be entered.

Q: Who are the people in orange vests standing around?
A: We are required to have park attendants to ensure the safety of visitors and adherance to park rules.

Q: Can I book a concert, wedding or corporate event?
A: If you plan to charge for your event or it is unrelated to the collection, engaging with the ideas or values of the sculptor, or related to art or art history, it cannot be hosted by the JRSP. If you have any questions, contact us for more details.

Q: Is there access for disabled individuals?
A: The interpretive centre and washrooms do have wheelchair access. There are some areas of the park exhibit that are able to support a wheelchair. Contact us to discuss your visit if you have concerns.

Q: I am an artist, journalist, or educator who would like to study the collection. Can I book a special opening?
A: Yes, the park can be opened for study, journalism and educational purposes. Please contact us with as much advance notice as possible.

Q: Is there a cafe at the park?
A: There is a very limited selection of cold beverages available for purchase. Drinking water is complimentary.

Q: Can I attend the Company of Ideas Forum or other educational workshops and programmes?
A: The Forum and other educational events are generally numbers limited, and as such are by prior invitation only. On occasion the convenor of these events may allow observers with an overlapping area of study or keen personal interest to attend.